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All-in-one transaction support when buying a business

When buying a business, one should know for sure the real value of the potential investment object and be able to estimate the maximum risks which one could encounter when doing business in this sphere. To meet all these demands we have developed a pack of services necessary for complex transaction support when purchasing an ongoing business:

  • Determining the real value of an investment object;
  • Accounting audit;
  • Analyzing the financial state of affairs of a business;
  • Analyzing the statutory and other documents of a business.


Determining the real value of an investment object:

If the seller has already got an independent valuer’s report, our company’s specialists will be eager to offer expertise of this report in order to find out any overevaluated and overpriced positions.

If the seller is unable to offer independent valuation of his/her business, our company’s specialists are able to do it themselves.

This Service Result

This service may result in the following:

  • Our specialists’ recommendations concerning price adjustment and detailed explanations of our opinion;
  • Complete report about the current market price of the company in question.


Accounting audit and current financial state analysis:

Our auditors will hold a total audit checkup in order to check the data and numbers given by the accounts of the business in question. This procedure is also necessary for the buyer to be completely confident in the correctness of the provided information and to be fully aware of all the possible taxation financial risks. Our auditors will also analyze the financial and economic performance of the business in question, calculate economic key figures for the business and draw up an inventory of the most valuable assets as seen by the potential buyer.

This Service Result:

This service will result in detailed reports of the business’ economic and financial state of affairs.


 Expert transaction support when selling or purchasing a business guarantees success of your deals and correctness of strategic decisions!

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