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Support in Buying & Selling a Business

The most advanced technologies, big experience and excellent market knowledge of our specialists guarantee your confidence in efficient investment use and profitable transaction.

«ALECON» company offers a wide range of transaction support services:


Selling or purchasing a business is a very important and complex process which requires a variety of professional skills and knowledge. That is why nowadays businessmen more often turn to professionals in order to make the most profitable deal without any risks and under total control.

Investors and businessmen often face a difficult choice: to start a new business from scratch or to buy a functioning company as a platform for further development. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, but we should mention that sale and purchase market of ongoing businesses is constantly growing.

The requirements to specialists who offer this kind of deals transactions have always been very high. They should not only specialize in a wide range of economic, auditing and legal issues, but also have complete understanding of each business’ peculiarities.

«ALECON» consulting company’s specialists possess all the necessary knowledge and techniques for successful sale and purchase of business transaction support.

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