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Investment to Israel business

Interest in receiving fast economic benefit in case of small costs of time and material resources leads to the situation that more and more businessmen and investors turn their look abroad. Very often their choice falls to Israel, the state with the highest level of science and education development. One more important factor for investors is technological leadership of Israel in such important spheres as biotechnology, electronics, green technologies, the chemical industry, a high tech and power industry.

Recently Israel has moved forward to the first places in a world economic context in the field of water desalination. As for agricultural industry, here Israel always took the main positions.

Tax policy in Israel is one of the most profitable and convenient in Europe for foreign investors. Opportunity to purchase business in Israel is divided to two main ways:

  1. Open your own business. This is done much simpler than in CIS or many European countries. In general it is necessary to pass registration in three state instances. It won’t take you a lot of time, a package of documents will be requested in reasonable amount. Such formalities like providing of diploma, the special rights and admissions will be observed only when a specific of opened business requires this. If in the column-the sphere of activity The Building Company or Chemical plant will be specified, the above-named documents shouldn’t be attached.
  2. To purchase operating business with all licenses and specialists.

In the Israeli banks it is quite simple to get the credit; it is enough to have start or initial money on your bank account, or for example, to provide the certificate of your income in Russia.

There is one more important plus, it is opportunity to register business for a new repatriate. It’s very convenient for those citizens on which the law action extends about a double citizenship. In this case repatriates can reckon to all necessary privileges.

Investment to the Israel economy is a reliable and simple way to fast benefit. However there are always rocks for example, in case of registration in the organization of tax collection to the added value it is necessary to choose the status of business registration of esek patur or in esek murshe. Each status has its own advantages and disadvantages in this or that field of activity. The incorrect choice can shortly lead to considerable economic losses. Only economically competent specialist with big Israel work experience will help to understand with this. For investing correctly, to make it as fast as possible and more profitable, it is necessary to address to the specialists.

The Alecon Company offers a wide range of opportunities of making investments in Israel, full assistance of the specialists, ready to help with development of business plans and registration of all necessary documents.


The consultants of the Israel Company ALECON offers to the investor carrying out all necessary calculations. All methods which are applied in the company, allow estimating the efficiency of future investments with the purpose for investor, performing investment, accurately can realize and understand expected economic effect of the project which he will finance. These calculations are necessary not only for investment attraction, but also for possibility of the necessary credits receiving, and also for participation in the program of the state support.

The specialists of the ALECON Company offer to the potential investors the following list of services:

  •  making the individual matching of business for investment implementation;
  •  implementation of consultations of any type which are connected with the process of investment of business projects (business plans);
  •  carrying out consultations to the investors in the sphere of an optimum investment of money;
  •  implementation of the maintenance of legal nature, all investing activities of the client.
  •  creation new business from the scratch, construction of new plants and receipt of the territory for the new entity..

Not to be mistaken in the business choice and to perform investment in business optimum suitable to this investor, the ALECON Company offers services of investment consulting.

The consultants of the company will provide to the potential investors services on a choice of ready object, the perspective development, which need investments for further development.

We will help our client to choose the optimum solutions to all questions arising in the course of investment. For each project of investment we will be able to constitute a risk and profitability ratio that will facilitate the investor’s choice.

In the Alecon Company it is possible to find the complete information about business in Israel and its unconditional economic benefits on the world’s market scene. For more details please contact the company “Alecon”:

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