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All-in-one transaction support when selling a business

If you decided to sell an ongoing business and close this deal with the help of professionals, we are eager to offer our assistance in all or some of the required procedures.

This Service Result

The result of this service of “ALECON” company will be present in the form of a valuer’s report including information of the business’ value and an analytical report about the most profitable management of the assets for the owner.

Pre-sale company preparation

  • Putting in order financial documentation (if necessary);
  • Analyzing and putting in order statutory documents and all other documents of entitlement (if necessary);
  • Compiling a memorandum for potential buyers and creating a company presentation.

This Service Result

This service will result in complete documentary readiness of the business to be sold.

Transaction participation as an agent:

  • “ALECON” company will find a buyer for your business;
  • Our specialists will organize your business presentation for a potential buyer;
  • We will control and guarantee the correctness of the legal side of the deal.

This Service Result: 

This service will result in selling your business at the most profitable conditions possible.


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