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Business consulting

  • Valuation of a business & an investment project

    When purchasing any business its value has the foremost importance. It goes without saying that the owner of the business is interested in getting the maximum price when selling it. The investor or the buyer, on the other hand, wants to be confident in the appropriateness of the required price. Our company’s valuation specialists will […]

  • All-in-one transaction support when buying a business

    When buying a business, one should know for sure the real value of the potential investment object and be able to estimate the maximum risks which one could encounter when doing business in this sphere. To meet all these demands we have developed a pack of services necessary for complex transaction support when purchasing an […]

  • All-in-one transaction support when selling a business

    If you decided to sell an ongoing business and close this deal with the help of professionals, we are eager to offer our assistance in all or some of the required procedures. This Service Result The result of this service of “ALECON” company will be present in the form of a valuer’s report including information […]