Israeli company "Alecon" - develops and provides full support for companies and investors


The main business of the company ALECON.

The main business of the company ALECON – is to develop and to provide comprehensive business support. Activity of this company has two main business areas:

  • Own technologica equipment production and engineering & construction of industrial and agricultural complexes.
  • Business and Invest Consultancy for Israeli and international companies in Israel.


ALECON is a full-service engineering company.

Our company works in the area of industrial engineering, primarily in the fields of engineering, construction, and technological equipments.

ALECON provides industrial engineering services for projects of construction and technological equipment of industrial facilities in various sectors – cleantech industry, power industry, metallurgy & chemical industry  and agriculture.

ALECON  offers creative, innovative and proven integrated sustainable engineering solutions to complex and challenging projects, customized to clients’ unique requirements. ALECON sustainable engineering solutions include feasibility studies, engineering and detailed design solutions, preparation for obtaining regulatory permits, construction and site management, project management and control including Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (ECPM) services and turnkey projects.


Business and Invest Consultancy for Israeli international companies in Israel.

In Israel ALECON works in the area of investment, tax, legal, marketing consulting.

Our advisors will be glad to offer the following services:


For solving any business problems, the company ALECON selects a team of highly qualified practicing economists, auditors, accountants, lawyers and other consultants with wide experience of work in Israel and also in the CIS countries. Appeal to successful business consultants, behind which a successful Israeli business experience, is precisely the breakthrough that your business needs in Israel!

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